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11 April
by Nathan 11. April 2012 22:28

Most people are unaware of the holiday that occurs on the third Thursday in April every year.  Nearly everyone you and I know has participated in the gesture ans is one of my personal favorites... the louder the slap, the better.   If the slap didn’t give it away, I am talking about National High Five Day.  I know this may sound like a joke and may it not receive national recognition, but National High Five Day was established in 2002 and promotes the spread of as many high-fives as possible.

I find it truly amazing how the simple gesture of raising your hand and saying “high-five” will inspire other people to slap your hand.  When was the last time you randomly high-fived?  Since it is one of my favorite things to do, I high-five all the time.  I have high-fived my co-workers about 5 times since I started writing this blog, which means I should probably focus on writing and less on high-fives, but they are so fun!  The reason I have so much love for the high-five is because it reminds me of my friends, being a kid and so many good times throughout my life.  More recently, a group of us went to the Gorge for the Dave Matthews Band concert and went around giving high-fives to people all weekend.  Nearly everyone reciprocated the high-five and those who did had a big smile on their face.  That’s proof enough for me that high-fiving is a key to happiness.

In preperation for National High-Five Day, take it upon yourself to spread the word and prep your hands for excess high-fiving.  If you are thinking this is a dumb idea, just think about all the high-fives in your past and remember the way you feel high-fiving your friends, teammates and even strangers.  That’s right, you remember that smile on your face, so share the feeling and participate in National High Five Day!


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